Signal, data or any medium becomes the basic link to the communication industry. The medium gets induced with disturbances that are caused through direct or indirect lightning strikes. At present we are aware of the fact that Equipments and systems are composed of sophisticated and complex interconnections that transfer data in digital or analog signals. These present-day devices essentially seek implantation of an additional accessory installed with it for its protection. The direct lightning hits that carriers high power bolt or the monotonous switching activities of electrical appliances are all major cause for big energy wave called surges.

The direct lightning waves are characterized by 100KA of 10/350 µs of which a big portion goes to the ground and the rest get induced to electrical equipments at the closer premises. The induced surges might be small but would be enough to kill the device or can cause system malfunctioning.

We can never ignore the basic fact that signals are the heart to every advance communication system. Hampering these basic building blocks can cause false or undesired data transmission.For both data and device safety complying mandatorily to IEC-61643-21do guarantee interference free data transmission.Intrusion of voltage transients can heat up the cables and wires and further burn out the associated devices/ equipment.With the advancement in technology where the data and information are a bit precise and a lot more complex, greatly pose risk owing to these voltages uprising which upsets the associated equipment. The only solution to protect your expensive equipments is to implement a surge suppression module that is both reliable and economically viable as well.

BNC & N Adaptor type devices are one type of Signal surge protection devices- in line SPDs that effectively limits the overvoltage to a level that the added device can withstand. They areavailable in multiple port designs mainly 2 ports, 3 ports and 4 ports and are connected just before the device to protect your TV receptors, wireless technology, security and surveillance system, radio channels, telemetry system, etc. F-type units are phenomenal in shielding the transferred and received signals via a telecommunication network and serves to protect signals transmitted through satellite, antennas, TV transmitters and receivers, communication cables, etc.

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