We can literally find electrical devices at each and every corner in our day to day life. Are they equipped with ability to combat the excessive voltage, surges or bad whether effects? However, none of the electrical appliances can withstand these effects. We are talking of those sensitive gadgets that can get fried even when minute overcurrent enters them. We then need to invoke safety provision i.e. earthing system. Stories of catastrophe are more frequent and more terrifying when the electrical layout is unprovided with earth connection.

There was a time when copper or GI plate together with salt and charcoal mix rendered earthing services. Slurry of salt and charcoal deteriorates the life of the conductor in a short span of time. This setup demands periodic maintenance and renewal of the complete system.

How should a perfect earthing technique be like?

  •  It should be maintenance free
  •  It should dissipate high fault current to ground
  •  Non-corrosive
  •  Should not wash away
  •  Conductor should have low resistance i.e. it should have superior conductive
  •  It should stay for lifetime

Preferred System that can satisfy all the aforementioned demands-
Offered products:


  •  Copper bonded rod
  •  GI Electrode
  •  Pure Copper electrode

Undoubtedly, the best pick among them is Copper Bonded rods. Copper bonded rod is 250 microns copper coated over low carbon tensile steel rod. This design specifically offers both strength and conductivity to the whole system. The technology is a permanent molecular bond that cannot peel off when driven into the earth crust. It adheres to needful standards such as IEC 62561-2, NF C 17-100, IS 3043 and IEEE 80. This new age technology involves digging of a pit, then insert the copper conductor into the pit such that it is positioned in the exact middle of the pit. Further fill the remaining portion in the pit with earth enhancement compound. The earth enhancement/ backfill compound adds on to the conductivity of the structure. The connections are made using exothermic welding technique which makes solid, secure and everlasting joints. Finally secure the installation using a pit cover. The whole process is effortless and effective. What’s more, it can withstand any harsh soil conditions.